The Case for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses

Transit agencies must act swiftly to seize the opportunity presented by the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) funding programs. With $1.5 billion available through the Low or No Emission Grant Program and the Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities ...

The Case for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses

The Case for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses

4 minute read

Transit agencies must act swiftly to seize the opportunity presented by the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) fundi...

Fueling the Future: BayoTech's Hydrogen-Centric Approach to 2023 and Beyond

11 minute read

In the realm of clean energy and sustainable solutions, BayoTech has emerged as a leader, navigating the complex landsca...

Launching a Hydrogen Hub: A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration [Interview]

7 minute read

As we reflect on the grand opening event for the Midwest hydrogen hub in Wentzville, Missouri, we can't help but look ba...

Gaseous or Liquid Hydrogen? From Versatility to Viability.

5 minute read

With the growing recognition of hydrogen's capacity as a clean, scalable, and renewable energy source, there are questio...

Fact vs. Fiction: Debunking Common Myths Surrounding Hydrogen

8 minute read

Hydrogen is a clean, versatile fuel that has the potential to play a major role in our clean energy future. It can be in...

Book and Claim Accounting for Sustainable Hydrogen Production

7 minute read

With a diversity of available technologies and resources to help our economy decarbonize, we need to leverage resources ...

Advancing Hydrogen Solutions: A Conversation with Raj Melkote, SVP of Technology at BayoTech

5 minute read

We are delighted to share an insightful conversation with Raj Melkote, the Senior Vice President of Technology at BayoTe...

Driving Down the Cost of Clean Hydrogen Production with Gabriel Olson

6 minute read

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), signed into law by President Biden on August 16, 2022, authorized $391 billion in spe...

All Eyes On Maria, Director of Project Development at BayoTech

4 minute read

Hydrogen is rapidly evolving as one of the mainstream energy sources, thanks to the dedicated people spearheading its ex...

The State Of Clean Transportation: Key Takeaways from ACT Expo 2023

4 minute read

Once again, BayoTech had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo. Now in its 12th year, the...

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