Gaseous or Liquid Hydrogen? From Versatility to Viability.

With the growing recognition of hydrogen's capacity as a clean, scalable, and renewable energy source, there are questions within the market regarding the most effective approach to transporting and storing the hydrogen required for various applicati...

Future Focused: A Look at Hydrogen and BayoTech in 2023

Future Focused: A Look at Hydrogen and BayoTech in 2023

4 minute read

We’ve come through another critical and active year, both for BayoTech and the hydrogen sector in general. It’s an excit...

Energizing the EV Market with Hydrogen

3 minute read

Hydrogen: a compelling solution for remote EV charging and deployment The growing deployment of electric vehicles offers...

Where Does Hydrogen Win?

5 minute read

Thinking a single energy option is going to solve the climate change problems we are currently facing is naive. In the f...

Minimizing Hydrogen Transport Costs with BayoTech's HyFill™ Trailers

3 minute read

To compete in the hydrogen gas market, distributors continually seek to maximize payload and driver productivity while s...

Why Hydrogen Is Safer Than You Might Think

4 minute read

As the world moves into decarbonization, there are choices to be made around which technology solutions to adopt. Unders...

Evaluating Hydrogen Using Carbon Intensity Over Color Coding

5 minute read

Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe and will soon be a primary energy source on earth. As the world is b...

Why High-Pressure Trailers are the Future of Hydrogen Transport

4 minute read

BayoTech believes that the need for the efficient movement of hydrogen from the point of production to the end user will...

Hydrogen’s Impact on Heavy Duty Trucking

3 minute read

It’s no wonder there’s a global push to reduce emissions coming from heavy-duty vehicles. Transportation produces 29% of...

Getting Your Transit Agency Started With Hydrogen

4 minute read

All around the world, transit bus operators are under pressure to transition to zero-emission fleets. The United States ...

Injecting Sustainability into Natural Gas [Interview]

7 minute read

As the pressure to act on climate change builds, natural gas utilities are looking to hydrogen to support environmental ...

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